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donnington Hospital Trust
The Donnington Hospital Trust was founded in 1393 by Sir Richard Abberbury and re-founded in 1602 by Queen Elizabeth I. It is the oldest charity in Berkshire, the tenth oldest almshouse foundation in the country and the twenty third oldest registered charity in the country. The Trust is very much a family charity , having been under the patronage of the Hartley Russell family since 1632 when John Packer acquired the Donnington Castle Estate.

The  Church of Saint Mary the Virgin
The Church of England parish church of Saint Mary the Virgin is of consistent style to have been that built in the second half of the 11th century. The ornate south doorway is late Norman and was added in about 1170. A north transept was added to the nave at the end of the 12th or beginning of the 13th century. Late in the 13th century a second arch was added to turn the transept into a two-bay north aisle. One of the windows in the south wall of the nave was added in the 14th century.

In the 15th century the nave and north aisle were lengthened westwards by the addition of a third bay, and new east and two new north windows were inserted in the north aisle. In the second half of the 15th century the Perpendicular Gothic bell towerwas added. The chancel was rebuilt in 1591 and the porch was added in 1603. The chancel was partly rebuilt again in 1705 and the porch has also been rebuilt. A vestry has also been added. The whole structure is nationally listed for heritage/architecture in the highest category, Grade I.
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Donnington Hospital Trust

Caring for elderly people in Berkshire and Oxfordshire since 1393

Church of Saint Mary the Virgin

Built in the second half of the 11th century, the church serves the parish of Bucklebury

Bucklebury History

Over the last 900 years there have been two owners of the Bucklebury Estate; Reading Abbey and the Winchcombe Family...

The Estate

The Bucklebury Estate is the oldest landed Estate in Berkshire and one of the oldest Estate’s in the country...

The Gardens

The Benedictine monks of Reading Abbey set out the first gardens at Bucklebury in the twelfth century...