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he Bucklebury Estate is situated in the heart of the picturesque Pang Valley in Berkshire. Currently it extends to approximately 1600 acres in the parishes of Bucklebury and Stanford Dingley and comprises of farms, forestry, residential and commercial property. It also owns Bucklebury Common.

The Estate has descended through the same family since 1540 to the current owner, Willie Hartley Russell.

The estate's 900 year history can be read about in more detail on the history page. You can also find out useful information on the house, it's gardens and it's relationship to Bucklebury Common.



Bucklebury House

Willie Hartley Russell owner of Bucklebury Estate

Bucklebury History

Over the last 900 years there have been two owners of the Bucklebury Estate; Reading Abbey and the Winchcombe Family...

The Estate

The Bucklebury Estate is the oldest landed Estate in Berkshire and one of the oldest Estate’s in the country...

The Gardens

The Benedictine monks of Reading Abbey set out the first gardens at Bucklebury in the twelfth century...